“Gochisousama”- This word is the most precious for our soba noodles restaurant. It is a delightful word that when the customers say after they eat all soba noodles up and show their satisfied smiles to us.

Day by day we need to make a lot of efforts to get the precious word. We are not only serving good soba noodles, but also considering customers’ satisfaction. Without efforts we never deserve “Gochisousama”.

The people who live in Gujo-Hachiman city have similar thoughts. They know how important it is to make efforts for keeping great Gujo nature and a peaceful Gujo-Hachiman city.

Efforts make wishes come true. We believe our efforts for soba noodles can make even better Gujo-Hachiman city. Our eternal wish is keeping Hirajin as a part of this beautiful city.